Welcome to my digs.


I'm a New York-based actor, artist, thinker and student. Read on to hear a bit about me. And enjoy the rest of the site; I worked really hard on it.


I was born in Washington DC and relocated to Boca Raton, FL where I spent the majority of my tiny years. My Grandmother took me to see a movie musical when I was 8. The rest is history. Most of my adolescence was spent dabbling in the arts. There was one rousing year of little league. 


I always had a fascination with stories and I was (and still am) obsessed with honing individual skills within the performing and visual arts. But it was always the theatre that had the strongest influence on me and it consistently found its way back into my life.


Since graduating high school, I've swapped locations with the NY-retirees of Boca Raton and I now attend Pace University in Downtown Manhattan as I continue to work toward a BFA in Musical Theatre.

What else...

First concert: Britney Spears.  Thanks, Ma.

Favorite food: Pasta. Remember that.

My earliest memory is holding someone's hand and looking inquisitively to the sky at a large, reflective skyscraper.

I feel it's important to mention my 10 summers at Jewish sleep away camp. Had to be said.


Thanks for stopping by. Glad to have you.




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