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I will practice these standards in my work, endeavors, and relationships.

  1. I will approach all of my efforts, first and foremost, with an open heart and application of energy that encourages a forward movement of the work.

  2. I will not touch or imply physical contact with a colleague under any circumstances without their expressed and undeniable permission.

  3. I will be mindful of my positionality in regard to my fellow colleagues, the community, and the integrity of our endeavors; I will use that systematic positionality to equalize voices alongside my community in any way that I can.

  4. I will show respect for my colleagues by directing my conduct in such a manner that supports a productive and positive working environment, not limited to best practices including preparation, punctuality, commitment, curiosity, honesty, and joy.

  5. I will not partake in unproductive discussion rooted in the dismantlement of an individual artist’s work or efforts for personal or ego-driven purposes; I will promote thoughtful discussion of our community’s work with the intention of improving the art that we create.

  6. I will make a point to listen to others and their experiences (artist or otherwise) so that I may deepen my understanding of the human condition in a way that will promote a more truthful Theatre.

  7. I will direct my time and effort toward projects that promote change, dismantle archaic and irrelevant conditioned perspectives, and make me smile.

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